I am Borja Sanus Pastor, a prefessional translator service provider with a University Degree in Translation and Interpreting – French and English – and Specialist in Software, Application and Website Localization by Aulasic S.L and Trágora Formación.

software, app, website localizer

As specialist in languages, localization and international trade I would like to help you with the adaption of your products (Software, application and Website) to the Spanish culture. In order to make it possible, I have studied both specialities to offer and deliver you the best service so that when the final client uses your product feels as if it has been programmed in Spanish.

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages over ther world after Chinese and English. We don’t have to go very far to find that this a reason why thousands of potential clients are waiting to use your product, and then need to understand it for a better use in their mothern tongue.

Software, Application and Website localization is, then, the best option to introduce your product into the Spanish market and achieve your potential target clients.

I am a highly qualified localization professional, so I can assure the high quality of my services as I work like a beaver in my every day to deliver the best localization services.

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