The New CETA Agreement, what’s new on it?

As you may know, we are nowadays living in a world where a country is no more the place where enterprises look for winning the price of being the most exclusive enterprise in its speciality. It is a well – known fact that firms do show their strongness selling their products worldwide, and international trade is the solution to this.

Those who are keen on the world of international trading, are conscious about the problems it has for some enterprises to export their goods into another countries of the globe. These troubles are cause by the duties firms have to pay when their good arrive to a determined point of the planet, with the regulatory acts or laws some have to closely follow; and this is why some governments are trying to finalize agreements between parts to solve out this inconvenient.

One example of this kind of collaborations is the agreement signed by the Eu and Canada to eliminate tax customs, make easier the end of negotiations between companies from both parts and enable the possibility of importing and exporting goods between Canada and the EU.

This agreement has some important main points that will have to be considered:

  1. The CETA has been created to cut 98% of tariffs between both parts and boost the chance of closing an agreement between firms from both sides.
  2. The agreement opens the possibility of signing contract with public departments of both sides. In addition, the qualifications obtained in EU and Canada could be recognised in both countries.
  3. The public services of both parts continue being public, so there is no risk of going private.
  4. It will open new job positions and will encourage enterprises to hire new employees.

Here you have some information about the agreement, really good explained so that you can better see how it works. If you are really interested on it, you can check the full document of the CETA Agreement to read it and be informed about what’s on it.

Some specialist agree, some disagree with this agreement between Canada and the EU… but what’s completely true is that this agreement may help more companies from both sides have more incomes and clients. The point is now how to control it.

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